In 1996, Frank Borst started working on a wrecked war car from Bosnia.
Frank gradually turned the car into an artwork called Christine.

Cristine is currently located in Den Helder at the Rob Scholte Museum and it became the first work of Frank’s Art Life Project.


Frank Art Life Project is the following:

  • Collect 40 wrecked/abandoned cars from several countries and different social realities like war zones, depressed economy regions, car graveyards, remote places etc.
  • Transform each car into a unique piece of art.
  • Each car will have his own artistic theme and will be completed with other typical elements of Frank’s work as glass heads, glass bullets and stained glass replacing the original car windows. These new stained glass windows, are one of the most interesting elements as they will become the canvas where Frank’s will be interpreting his vision.
  • Most part of the entire project will be documented and filmed to give a glimpse also of the background and reality contest of each car.
  • Every finished artwork will be displayed in Galleries, Museums and Art Collections.


Franks sees these wrecked autos as a living testament of modern life. This is an archaeological exploration into modern society.


Due all the predictable logistic complications, this is going to be a very costly project.

Frank is therefore looking for Collectionneus of art sponsors and donors to fund this project.

Interested parties and companies are very welcome to contact Frank directly.